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DM Steve's RPG Resources Page
Home of the Simple Rules Engine (SRE)


Welcome to my very simple web page. Why simple? Well cause I would rather spend more time working on the games! Besides it loads faster.

On this page you will find information regarding:

  • The Simple Roleplaying Engine (SRE) - A two page complete rollplaying game using only D6 with a character sheet that can fit on a buisness card!
  • Some of the campaign setting codexs used for several PBeM - including "Threads of Essence" and "The Nightshade PBeM Game"

UPDATE - March.29.2005

(1) Threads of Essence has been put on hold, and all players notified. I am giving them a chance to see if they want to play in Nightshade before I open it up again. I will leave the links upto ToE just in case anyone finds it an interesting setting that they want to play in.

(2) Updated the Nightshade Page for the recent actions of the characters - note I have decided not to post the saucy stuff on this site. All the saucy stuff is for players only and is in the actual email posts.




Click Here for the SRE!!

Arg Matey - The First Add-On for the SRE: Sailing Ship Rules


(1) A quick clarification that has come up regarding combat using the SRE - specifically Hand-to-Hand (melee) Combat.

When two opponents square off, you only make one roll for each. The higher Action Check between the two of them whacks the other person, doing the differance between their checks damage. Only a tie results in someone not whacking someone else. So be careful, you might charge into battle only to be whacked by your opponent. This makes for a very simple combat resolution - one set of rolls for a single combat, not an attack roll for the first person, then another attack roll for the second person. However, remember that someone charging into a melee swinging her sword, should get a +1 modifer from the GM, so they are at somewhat of an advantage. Jousts, and other tasks can be done similar.

(2) Clarification on Ranged Attacks.

Usually the GM will require you to at least make an Easy (6) Check, in addition to beating your opponents Dodge Action Check. If your target has a lot of cover, the GM may require a Tough (8) check. This means that even though it is hard to dodge bullets (a -2), the attacker still has to hit you.